glo (teamglo) wrote,

love. light. magic.

i never write in here anymore.

today was such a busy day.  i organized my kitchen and living room, cleaned my upper and lower cabinets, did laundry, vacuumed, mopped, went to:

-post office
-big lots
-office depot

i brought in my little glo's cafe table/chairs from outside, finally got an extension chord for the red light danny gave me.  it's on now.   for some reason, today is the first time i absolutely LOVE my apartment.   the new design feels warm and fuzzy.  feels like november. all i need is a picture of some sort to hang above my bed.

then went to dinner with shauna and jeannette at toast.  we later met danny at the sunset 5 and saw the science of sleep which i absolutely loved.  i'm still full of hope that there is someone out there like that for me.
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