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something for the weekend

i'd like to say that last night was the first night in a couple of months where i didn't have to turn on my AC.  FINALLY.  i'm so afraid of what my bill is going to look like!

this weekend was fun!  i've worked out 4 days this week (5 with today) and i'm not going to stop.  my appetite has decreased a lot also.  i can't wait to be skinny!

friday night, danny and i went to a nice restaurant on la brea called divine pasta (i think that's what it's called)?  it was lovely.  we had the best lasagna (well 2nd best, hehe) and real good ravioli followed by cheese for desert!  they have an extensive cheese menu.  afterwards, we went to el cid to see kip boardman play.  neither one of us have been is SOOOOO beautiful. i  swear, i saw it in a dream looked oddly familiar.  it's a nice restaurant/bar/little venue place in silverlake.  it's just so romantic and sooo gorgeous.  most of the tables are outside and it's just so pretty.  it's huge too.  i would love to go there on a date. we saw kip perform and he was good.  this is the second time i saw him.  when we were leaving, we ran into miss eleni mandell.  she said hi to us and she told us she was there to perform one bob dylan song with someone.  she's like "don't change your plans!"  haha.  fun night.

so cody moved 4 blocks from me yesterday.  on hollywood/gardner.  so close!  danny and i had a great work out yesterday.  afterwards, we came back to my place, showered, and met cody at his place.  it's so nice!  it looks realllly renovated and everything looks brand new.  his stove, both sinks, ac, everything.  i love it a lot.   we then ordered food from cheebos and we went to the hollywood cemetery to see a movie.  hollywood forever cemetery shows movies, i think every week.  it's so effing cool!!!  there's like this big grass area in the cemetery and they show the movie on a big wall.  everyone brings blankets and food and stuff.  we brought blankets, pillows, wine and food.  the movie playing was manhattan by woody allen.  i hate woody allen, but this movie i could tolerate.  the place reminded me of coachella!  a field of people just sitting with blankets.  i reallly enjoyed it!  it was just so beautiful.

afterwards, we all met jaimie at vine (a cool bar on vine).  she had a little birthday there for jenn.  we stayed a while and then went home..

good times.

today i'm going to the gym and that's pretty much it.  tomorrow i go to court to fight my $389 ticket.  please wish me luck!

val, i'm working on it today, i promise!  =)
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