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new blog [29 Nov 2008|01:59am]
hi everyone.  here is my new blog:


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cute cat.. [07 Sep 2008|11:52pm]

A friend of mine is looking for a good home for her beautiful cat, Neil.
He would do best in a single cat household since when he lives with other cats he engages in marking behaviors. He loves cuddling and is in good health, up to date on his shots, has a full vet record, and will be happy to lounge around for hours. Neil is five years old and weighs around 17-18 pounds; he is an orange tabby Maine Coon.

Please contact me if you are interested at gloria.hawa@gmail.com

more picsCollapse )

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yes shaggy, stealing from you :) [02 Mar 2007|12:49am]

The Pink Project book is now available!!

you can purchase it on http://thepinkproject.com .  if you live in LA you can stop by any Samy's Camera location and buy it there.

participants include:

Daryl Hannah
Milo Ventimiglia
Dita Von Teese
Stan Lee
Mariska Hargitay
Ben Lee
Eliza Dushku
and many others
with a foreword by Tori Amos

this is such a great book for two great causes.  i am so very proud of val and audrey.  jesus.


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[19 Jan 2007|12:42am]
dor and shiri's sundance blog!!!

go, read, comment!!
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one in a million men [09 Nov 2006|01:23am]
Pet Shop Boys

i HAVE to go.  i realy have to go.  i am broke as a joke, but i have to try to get in for free.

Pet Shop Boys (1)

setlist a couple nights ago:

# Psychological
# Left to My Own Devices
# I'm with Stupid
# Suburbia
# Can You Forgive Her?
# Minimal
# Shopping
# Rent
# Dreaming of the Queen
# Heart
# Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)
# Always on My Mind

20 min intermission (first time I've seen that at a show)

# Numb
# Home and Dry
# Se A Vida É / Discotecca / Domino Dancing (medley)
# Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
# Flamboyant
# Integral
# West End Girls
# So Hard
# It's a Sin
# The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
# Go West

i would pretty much DIE to hear "it's a sin" live.

wish me luck :(
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oh lj [30 Oct 2006|11:02pm]
i haven't updated in a LONG time (thanks dor!)

everyone pretty much knows about my life....so i'll leave you with a picture:

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ugh ugh ugh [01 Oct 2006|02:47am]
[ mood | blank ]

my car got towed tonight and it cost $177 plus the $45 ticket.

i fucking hate the first of the month.  it's always a struggle those two weeks.

having no money really humbles a person

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dressed in dreams [01 Oct 2006|01:38am]
i'm a little late hopping on the Sonic Youth train...and i just discovered this song by them.  it's amazing.  just amazing.  i like karen o's cover but i *really* want hope sandoval (mazzy star) to cover it:

the diamond sea

Time takes its crazy toll
and how does your mirror grow
you better watch yourself when you jump into it
'cause the mirror's gonna steal your soul

I wonder how it came to be my friend
that someone just like you has come again
you'll never, never know how close you came
until you fall in love with the diamond rain

throw all his trash away
look out he's here to stay
your mirror's gonna crack when he breaks into it
and you'll never never be the same

look into his eyes and you can see
why all the little kids are dressed in dreams
I wonder how he's gonna make it back
when he sees that you just know it's make-belief

blood crystalized as sand
and now I hope you'll understand
you reflected into his looking glass soul
and now the mirror is your only friend

look into his eyes and you will see
that men are not alone on the diamond sea
sail into the heart of the lonely storm
and tell her that you'll love her eternally

time takes its crazy toll
mirror fallin' off the wall
you better look out for the looking glass girl
'cause she's gonna take you for a fall

look into his eyes and you shall see
why everything is quiet and nothing's free
I wonder how he's gonna make her smile
when love is running wild on the diamond sea
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love. light. magic. [24 Sep 2006|03:59am]
i never write in here anymore.

today was such a busy day.  i organized my kitchen and living room, cleaned my upper and lower cabinets, did laundry, vacuumed, mopped, went to:

-post office
-big lots
-office depot

i brought in my little glo's cafe table/chairs from outside, finally got an extension chord for the red light danny gave me.  it's on now.   for some reason, today is the first time i absolutely LOVE my apartment.   the new design feels warm and fuzzy.  feels like november. all i need is a picture of some sort to hang above my bed.

then went to dinner with shauna and jeannette at toast.  we later met danny at the sunset 5 and saw the science of sleep which i absolutely loved.  i'm still full of hope that there is someone out there like that for me.
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as you leave the theatre.. [04 Sep 2006|11:56am]
[ mood | blah ]

pet shop boys at the wiltern.

i couldn't be more thrilled

over a $100 for a ticket (including all those fucking fees)

i could be less thrilled.

fuck off ticketbastards. 

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so yeah [29 Aug 2006|08:09pm]
i went grocery shopping tonight (thanks rita) and i'm proud of what i bought!

-cottage cheese w/pineapple
-small tortillas (thank you dor for getting me into them!)
-salad lettuce
-non fat milk

i'm gonna start eating healthier.  it's on
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i love my sister- (to the tune of Juliana Hatfield) [28 Aug 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]

my sister sent me something really good in the mail.  thank you rita, i love you!


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ground control [24 Aug 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | intrigued ]

i've been reading up on the fermi paradox.  i love reading stuff like this. 

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excerpts from a glo circus [22 Aug 2006|12:14pm]
[ mood | poetic ]

castle in the clouds
invade my hemisphere
did you know that you're my ever after?
catch me in between my silver dream
trying to avoid my one disaster
like an unfinished song
trying to find it's way home
there you were

you dove into my horizon
to clean my surprises
you walked into my horizon
to check my devices
you can host a tea party of nine
in the vicinity that i leave behind

this world that i speak of
isn't made of people
got my shoes untied
getting closer to the sky

gloria hawa©


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sharp and quick [18 Aug 2006|08:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

it sucks when you really want to hear a new Eleni Mandell song, but her album won't come out until february 07.  


she's been playing these new songs for like a year already.

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you can almost drown her watahh-HOOOO-fall [09 Aug 2006|11:14pm]
tori's ruby through the looking glass came up on my ipod on my way home from work today.  the live version from royce hall that i was at..i listened and i studied the song and how she played it and how she played it while she sang.

i came home, got on my piano and from the first note, got it!!  i was so happy.  i need to perfect it now.  i also got lisa germano's in the land of fairies last week with the first note i tried!  i've always had an ear for music.  i mean, it sounds just like it, i don't know if it's exactly like it (doubtful)...but pretty damn close. 

i just did a million sit-ups, weights and lunges.  

did i ever mention how much i love sex and the city? every night.  11pm.

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high like heaven...strong like music... [04 Aug 2006|04:42pm]
i want to slow dance with someone to fiona's slow like honey.

words can't explain how much i love that song.

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This is the best video i've seen in a LONG time. wow. [04 Aug 2006|08:49am]
[ mood | awake ]



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in my nineteen. nineties. [02 Aug 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | blank ]

we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: make amends
And we were never holding back or worried that
Time would come to an end
We were always hoping that, looking back
You could always rely on a friend


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something for the weekend [30 Jul 2006|12:36pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i'd like to say that last night was the first night in a couple of months where i didn't have to turn on my AC.  FINALLY.  i'm so afraid of what my bill is going to look like!

this weekend was fun!  i've worked out 4 days this week (5 with today) and i'm not going to stop.  my appetite has decreased a lot also.  i can't wait to be skinny!

friday night, danny and i went to a nice restaurant on la brea called divine pasta (i think that's what it's called)?  it was lovely.  we had the best lasagna (well 2nd best, hehe) and real good ravioli followed by cheese for desert!  they have an extensive cheese menu.  afterwards, we went to el cid to see kip boardman play.  neither one of us have been there...it is SOOOOO beautiful. i  swear, i saw it in a dream before...it looked oddly familiar.  it's a nice restaurant/bar/little venue place in silverlake.  it's just so romantic and sooo gorgeous.  most of the tables are outside and it's just so pretty.  it's huge too.  i would love to go there on a date. we saw kip perform and he was good.  this is the second time i saw him.  when we were leaving, we ran into miss eleni mandell.  she said hi to us and she told us she was there to perform one bob dylan song with someone.  she's like "don't change your plans!"  haha.  fun night.

so cody moved 4 blocks from me yesterday.  on hollywood/gardner.  so close!  danny and i had a great work out yesterday.  afterwards, we came back to my place, showered, and met cody at his place.  it's so nice!  it looks realllly renovated and everything looks brand new.  his stove, both sinks, ac, everything.  i love it a lot.   we then ordered food from cheebos and we went to the hollywood cemetery to see a movie.  hollywood forever cemetery shows movies, i think every week.  it's so effing cool!!!  there's like this big grass area in the cemetery and they show the movie on a big wall.  everyone brings blankets and food and stuff.  we brought blankets, pillows, wine and food.  the movie playing was manhattan by woody allen.  i hate woody allen, but this movie i could tolerate.  the place reminded me of coachella!  a field of people just sitting with blankets.  i reallly enjoyed it!  it was just so beautiful.

afterwards, we all met jaimie at vine (a cool bar on vine).  she had a little birthday there for jenn.  we stayed a while and then went home..

good times.

today i'm going to the gym and that's pretty much it.  tomorrow i go to court to fight my $389 ticket.  please wish me luck!

val, i'm working on it today, i promise!  =)

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