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you can almost drown her watahh-HOOOO-fall

tori's ruby through the looking glass came up on my ipod on my way home from work today.  the live version from royce hall that i was at..i listened and i studied the song and how she played it and how she played it while she sang.

i came home, got on my piano and from the first note, got it!!  i was so happy.  i need to perfect it now.  i also got lisa germano's in the land of fairies last week with the first note i tried!  i've always had an ear for music.  i mean, it sounds just like it, i don't know if it's exactly like it (doubtful)...but pretty damn close. 

i just did a million sit-ups, weights and lunges.  

did i ever mention how much i love sex and the city? every night.  11pm.

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